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Local marketing focuses on attracting customers that live in the same area as your company. It targets potential customers who live within a reasonable driving distance of your physical location and who could buy your goods or service at any moment.

These are 5 marketing strategies you can start today for your business.

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Having a good salon marketing plan and software to assist your efforts can make all of the difference in the success of your business, check out these 5 marketing ideas to start.

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With social media, your barbershop can stay in touch with the local community, acquire significant exposure from potential new clients, market your business in an unobtrusive way and keep in touch with friends and colleagues in the barber profession.
My favorite creating too is Canva the basic features are free and you can use them to create your content there's a lot you can do with Canva you can create presentations, social media posts, and a lot of other features.

Let me know in the comments what you guys use for your content.
It was my cousins birthday and I went to celebrate with her, it was very fun to be out with the fam.
As a self-confessed perfectionist, this saying resonates with me since I often get bogged down in comparing myself to others and my own particular objectives and ambitions.
I’m excited to announce that I’m starting to take on local businesses as clients. My first two clients, two barbers in a barbershop that I frequent it’s exciting. I want to do a good job and improve their social media and bring them more clients.
If you're a local business owner with social media-related questions or tips you'd want for your business, please leave them in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them.
Effective marketing for bars draws in new consumers and keeps them coming back for more. Among the things you'll have to do is produce relevant content on a regular basis, keep an eye on your statistics, and ensure that all of your posts are visually appealing.

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As a social Media Manager I know it can be hard to start here's some tools to help get you started.

Let me know in the comments your favorite tools to use.

I'm so thankful for stumbling on these guys' pages in 2021 they've inspired me to take 2022 by storm and grow my page.

I'm here to educate and entertain you with great posts.

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Hello, everyone my name is Harless Jean Charles and I'm the owner of HJC Marketing I would like to welcome you guys to my journey as a Social Media Marketer I've spent the last two years developing my skills as a social media marketer by managing Facebook pages and running Facebook ads as an affiliate marketer. In 2021 I wanted more knowledge in all the facets of the digital marketing space, so I enrolled in the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, where I was a part of an agency team of 6 digital Marketers responsible for bringing awareness and leads to businesses. I'm looking forward to interacting with you guys and teaching new things surrounding the industry and also tips and tricks to improve your social media.

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